Gothess Bri

Welcome to my page πŸ’€
Irresistible temptation starts at my doorstep… dare to enter?

Step into my realm of enchantment where your deepest desires find their true home. Gothess Bri awaits to guide you through your journey of trepidation and surrender like no other.

β›“ Unveil Your Desires: I believe that we all have desires. We all want to explore. We are all curious beings. Society forces us to conceal those desires. It is my goal to help you challenge this pre-determined etiquette, and to exist as your full authentic self. I want you to explore the hidden recesses of your fantasies, it is always nothing short of an honor to bear witness to these triumphs.

β›“ Sensory Overload: Let your senses be overwhelmed by tantalizing sensations, enticing aromas, and the exquisite sound of your own surrender. I take pride in my utmost desire to provide a safe space for you to completely let go.

β›“ Safe Sanctuary: My dungeon (or any other space being utilized) is a safe haven where you can explore your desires without judgment or concern.

β›“ Exquisite Equipment: My well-equipped dungeon boasts an array of tools and toys that will bring your fantasies to life. Not to worry, nothing will be used without your explicit consent and desire to explore.

β›“ Personalized Pleasure: Your journey is uniquely tailored to your desires. This is where communication is paramount. We must be able to explicitly negotiate the scene. Whether you seek restraint, discipline, or fetish exploration, your Gothess will lead the way.

πŸ”‘ How to Begin Your Journey πŸ”‘

β›“ Contact Me: To experience the allure of Gothess Bri, fill out the session request form (listed below) to arrange an appointment.

β›“ Consent and Safety: I prioritize consent and safety. All parties involved will establish boundaries and limits before embarking on your adventure. This is non-negotiable. I need to know your limits and boundaries before we decide to share space. If you “don’t have any boundaries” I suggest you go find some before approaching ANY provider.

❀️‍πŸ”₯ Remember that all activities within are consensual, respectful, and in adherence to my strict code of conduct. Screening is mandatory. Your desires are safe in my hands, and your journey is my utmost priority.

To book a session, you must click here to πŸ‘‰πŸΌ submit a session request.