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Sponsorship: Within Texas – Most places in Texas, I will drive to. If I can drive to you, the sponsorship cost is $50 per hour both ways plus the cost of my hotel if I stay overnight. Outside of Texas (Within USA): The minimum cost for me to travel outside of Texas is $1500 (for a two-hour session) Additional hours will be priced at the normal rate plus the cost of flight, hotel, and Uber/Lyft expenses to and from the airport.
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I would like to have a quick 10 – 15 minute consultation with you about your needs via facetime, google meet, skype, or zoom. The consultation fee is $20 in addition to the price of the session. If we decide not to session, the $20 consultation fee is non-refundable.
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The consultation fee is $20 in addition to the price of the session. If we decide not to session, the $20 consultation fee is non-refundable. Please follow the link, and choose one of the payment options to solidfy the consultation in my calendar. If the fee is not paid, we will not have the consultation, or the session.
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